2017 Rules

This FN competition allows you to make changes to your team from week to week throughout the season. The competition runs through until the end of the home & away rounds, and the person whose team has scored the most points at that stage will be the Fantasy Netball winner.


Working within a salary cap of $675,000, choose a squad of 10 players. Your team must consist of 3 shooters, 4 midcourters and 3 defenders. In the price lists, each player has a position next to their name. Take note of that. In choosing your squad of 10, you should first choose your starting 7. You have to choose a GS, a GA, a WA, a C, a WD, a GD and a GK. Then you add 1 bench player for each section. Your shooter on the bench can be either GA or GS, your midcourt bench player can be either WD, C or WA and your defence bench player can be either GD or GK. If one of your starting players doesn’t play for some reason, they will automatically be replaced in the starting lineup by the bench player you’ve listed in that section of the court, no matter what position they play. In other words, if your GA is out, the bench shooter comes into the starting lineup, even if they are a GS. But please note that in future weeks, you can only swap between players from the same position. For example, if you have 2 GSs and 1 GA in your squad of 10, you can only swap the 2 GSs. If your starting GA is not playing well, you can’t replace them with the GS off the bench. You will have to make a trade for another GA.


After choosing your team, next you have to choose 2 players from your starting 7 to be co-captains. Whichever one of your co-captains gets the higher score for the round, that score will be doubled. But take note that your 2 co-captains must be from different teams.


The absolute final deadline for sending me your team is…

Sat Feb 18 – 5pm AEDT, 4:30pm SA, 4pm Qld, 2pm WA, 7pm NZ, 6am UK.

BUT, please don’t leave it that late. I would much prefer you sent me your teams well before that, just in case you’ve made a mistake and you have to make a change.

So, please send me your team by PM, listing your players, their positions & their prices, make sure you make it clear who is in your starting team and don’t forget to pick your two co-captains..


This is probably the most important part of the game. Buying and selling particular players at just the right time and price can give you a big advantage over the rest. Everybody is allowed a maximum of 2 trades each week and a maximum of 20 trades throughout the season.


A player’s price doesn’t change until they’ve played 3 games. Once a player has played their 3rd game, then their price will change to coincide with a pricing formula which takes into account a player’s previous price and also their current form. This formula is similar to what is used in the top fantasy games like “Supercoach”.


All of the scores of your starting 7 players will count and you will also receive the highest score from your 3 bench players. Also, the best score of your 2 co-captains is doubled.

There are some changes with the scoring system this year. Most notably, a player no longer earns points just for taking the court. This makes for some lower scores from bench players. Here is the new scoring system:


  • Goals = +2 points
  • Misses = -4 points
  • Offensive rebounds = +4 points
  • Assists = +3 points
  • Feeds = +1 point
  • Bad passes = -6 points
  • Bad hands = -4 points
  • For every 2 CPRs = +1 point


  • Intercepts = +10 points
  • Deflections = +8 points
  • Defensive rebounds = +10 points
  • Pickups = +10 points
  • For every Qtr in GD or WD = +8 points
  • For every 2 penalties = -1 point

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